Nov. 1st, 2012

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Happy Halloween, everybody! ^_^

787 words between midnight and about 2AM, which isn't bad. This beginning is gonna be the hardest, I think; as much as I'd like to turn off the inner editor entirely, if I don't think at least some about the way I'm reframing the canon, this whole section (which will likely be about a third of the book) will be totally useless to me.

Once I get past the Fall into the new stuff, it should flow a little better. God, I'm so excited for this fic. BTW, I'm not gonna cite quotes and such when I'm posting here; I'll cite it all in the finished version that gets posted publicly. For now, assume any clever turn of phrase is John Green's ^-^;;

Here are the words so far:
The way I figure it, everyone gets a miracle. )

Yeah, I know, you've already seen A Study in Pink, you know how this goes. It'll get better!... or at least newer. ...yeah, I'm excited, but scared too.

ETA: Made this section public. May make other sections public if I'm particularly proud of them. Figure, bits and pieces here and there can't hurt. If anyone wants to see the rest, just leave a non-anon comment and I'll add you to the access list ^-^


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