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Yes, I did in fact stop in the middle of a dialog tag.

If you've got any suggestions re: terms of address, as is being discussed when I abruptly stopped writing because I had no idea where I was going, please do share. Batting around "My Lady" for Molly, but goddamn what is there to call a male sub (or, frankly, a female one, but that's less relevant just now) that isn't infantilizing? I can't really see Molly calling Greg "boy". Though, feel free to change my mind.

yeah I did fade to black the end of that sex scene, you wanna make something of it? )

As today ends I am 1202 behind; as tomorrow begins I need to write 2868 to catch up. Considering how I couldn't even open a doc today that I wanted anything to do with, that's looking less and less likely.

I wasn't going to care if I didn't win this month; after all, I already made my year's goal, and NNWM is a less-than-helpful exercise for me these days. But it's still disappointing to be failing so badly, so quickly.
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So... my prologue is ten thousand words and actually completely boring. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN.

It's just a retelling of A Study in Pink. Didn't even manage to work in any of the metaphorical resonances I wanted. DAMMIT. Ugh. So... yeah. Boring!

A lot of this, then, has already been posted here, and a lot hasn't, but it's a single complete section so I'm posting it all together here so I don't have to figure out which bits are new and you, dear readers, don't have to figure out which bits fit where.

I'm seriously tempted to count the words in John Green's prologue and then try to cut this down to that length. Surely some of this shit don't matter, right?

Or maybe this can be Part One: The Strings, and the prologue will be... something else.


Prologue )
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I really love what I just wrote over at my first #antidiogenes word war of the day, so I'm posting it now, public so I can share it ^_^ 534 new words, a few of them blatantly ripped off from John Green.

I jumped forward to the Fall because I hadn't yet spent the time necessary to figure out what I'm doing with the Prologue and I cannot just jump into Part One. So this is the very tail end of Part One and the opening scene of Part Two.

Clever readers will notice a tense shift :) This is intentional; do not panic.

Part Two: The Grass )
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Day 1 total of 1775, which puts me well on track for 50k, and a bit behind if I want to make 75k.

My outline is written on 50 notecards, which means that if I get 1000 or 1500 words/card, I'll be making my goals. Got exactly one card done today, and feeling good abut it.

And yes, I did stop in the middle of a sentence. I was word-warring, and time was called, and then I had to finish some other stuff. I was reeeeally busy today, so that's why I didn't get as much done as I'd have liked. Went shopping, talked to the homeowner's association about an Issue, bought uniform pieces for my man, investigated rock climbing (five bucks an hour! fuck yes!), baked and frosted a cake, cleaned the stove, and still had time to NaNo!

Drakey's kicking my ass with over 3k as of this morning O.O and I have no idea yet how Mave or Darth are doing, or if Moony is playing at all. But that's okay, because I have #antidiogenes and #innercircle to word war with.

The first NaNo #antidiogenes weekend is tomorrow ^-^
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Happy Halloween, everybody! ^_^

787 words between midnight and about 2AM, which isn't bad. This beginning is gonna be the hardest, I think; as much as I'd like to turn off the inner editor entirely, if I don't think at least some about the way I'm reframing the canon, this whole section (which will likely be about a third of the book) will be totally useless to me.

Once I get past the Fall into the new stuff, it should flow a little better. God, I'm so excited for this fic. BTW, I'm not gonna cite quotes and such when I'm posting here; I'll cite it all in the finished version that gets posted publicly. For now, assume any clever turn of phrase is John Green's ^-^;;

Here are the words so far:
The way I figure it, everyone gets a miracle. )

Yeah, I know, you've already seen A Study in Pink, you know how this goes. It'll get better!... or at least newer. ...yeah, I'm excited, but scared too.

ETA: Made this section public. May make other sections public if I'm particularly proud of them. Figure, bits and pieces here and there can't hurt. If anyone wants to see the rest, just leave a non-anon comment and I'll add you to the access list ^-^
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I beat it sometime in July or... well, I dunno, maybe more recently than that. I had about 99k when I stopped counting in June, and then I wrote 11k and then 8k and then 35k and then 4k and then 5k, which puts me at like 158k for the year, and that's not even counting a bunch of little stuff. So definitely gonna keep better track next year, and also up the goal. Still got 50k of NaNo to do!

OHMIGOD GUYS I LOVE IT. Which isn't writing-related so I shouldn't squee. But the fandom is! I've gotten an AO3 account and posted two PWPs, a gratuitous h/c fic, and a 221b. One even got translated into Chinese! I was shocked and thrilled and pleased!

Right now I have two major projects. The first is my NaNo, which I'll tell you about in a minute. The other is a casefic, a first-time fic, a hurt/comfort fic, and is built around my very favorite trope, Not Talking. That's a full 35k draft, and I hope to have a beta for it soon.

And one minor project, which is a series of kinky sub!Sherlock dom!John shorts.

Breaking my personal rule of no fanfic during NNWM this year, because I've readjusted my priorities and it turns out that fanfiction is just as valid as original fiction, WHO KNEW. Anyway I'm doing a retelling of Paper Towns with Sherlock as Margo. The story is John's and the journey is John's, but in the end he winds up exactly where he started. It's a post-Reichenbach where instead of a happy reunion, John tracks Sherlock down and then doesn't bring him back or go with him, so he goes back to London alone and greiveng and not knowing if he'll ever see Sherlock again, What changes is that he now sees Sherlock as human, as someone who not only CAN love, but DOES. He no longer sees him as a superhuman/inhuman unfeeling thinking machine.

Oh, John. <3 So much angst headed your way.

So as usual I'll be posting my daily words here under access-lock, which I will open to anyone who's interested. Are you excited? I'm excited!
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Well, I still don't have my own computer, so I don't really feel like I'm making progress as far as crafting a story goes--which is what I want to do, I want to make Zombie Boyfriend a full and coherent story, I want to finish it. I still don't know where it's going to end, but I'm getting ideas.

I've written roughly 21,000 words, and I'm pretty sure I already had about 5,000, which means for the year so far I've written 26,000 words and am about where I need to be in order to reach 150k by the end of the year. Since I last posted I have not missed a single day at, and more than once I've written over a thousand words there. I'm signed up for the March challenge and fully intend to finish it. Oh, and you know what, there's also some scraps of paper in some places with writing on them that I haven't counted.

All of those words, excepting the ones on paper, have been Zombie Boyfriend words... and, uh, I think that means that it's past 50k now, total, since last time I remember it was about 30k. I can't CHECK, though, ugh, I want my own computer back!

On one day I wrote out an entire outline for a shortish story on paper, which was probably about 800 words; I gave myself 750 words of lorem ipsum that day. The idea was pure porn; even the plot elements are only there because they turn me on. It's BDSM-related, a bit of dub-con but not dark or heavy at all. So far I've been calling it "the blackmail story" even though it isn't really blackmail.

So, basically, I'm doing incredibly well, not just with wordcounts but with establishing habits: even during NaNoWriMo I didn't write every single day; in fact, I only wrote on 16 out of the 30 days, and two or three of those were 50-word days. (That means I averaged 3132 words/day, on the days I did write. O.o)

I'm feeling really good. I spent all of January behind, and honestly, keeping track like that was kind of discouraging, I think. I would stop writing every hundred words or so to update the spreadsheet and watch it tell me I still hadn't caught up yet. Without my spreadsheet, with, I've HAD to just write, and every day too (or else I lose my streak! I HAVE A 21-DAY STREAK, I CAN'T LOSE IT!).

I've also signed on as official feedback provider for someone who wants to write and has lots of ideas for writing, but is a terrible writer NOT BECAUSE HE SUCKS AT WRITING, because EVERY writer sucks at writing. It is because he allows his suckitude to PREVENT HIM FROM WRITING.To every writer out there: Embrace the suckitude! Let the suckitude flow! The absolute best thing you can do to get yourself on the path to being a good writer is to finish a shitty story. Every story any author ever finishes is a shitty story. The first draft of Twilight was shitty. The first draft of The Hunger Games was shitty. The first draft of His Dark Materials was shitty. The first draft of Uglies was shitty. The first draft of The Last Unicorn was shitty. The first draft of Stranger in a Strange Land was shitty. Your first draft will be shitty, but that's not what's keeping you from writing the next Harry Potter; not writing is what's keeping you from that.

(Authors of the above stories, in order, even the ones everybody knows: Stephanie Meyer, Suzanne Collins, Phillip Pullman, Scott Westerfeld, Peter S. Beagle, Robert A. Heinlein, J.K. Rowling.)
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750 Words is a neat site I found yesterday and used for the first time today. It basically challenges you to write, you guessed it, 750 words every day.

You write on the website, and it saves and counts as you go. It's totally private--no one sees what you write. I love how simple the interface is and the sorts of things it tracks--it looks at your words and decides how extroverted, happy, moody, etc. you are, and what things you're thinking about--death, religion, politics, etc. It knows what time you wrote, how many times you got distracted (though I don't understand that--what counts as a distraction?), how long it took you and exactly how many words you wrote in each minute. You can also have it track your own metadata; it scans your writing for anything on its own line, in all caps, followed by a colon, and tracks that on a graph. (I don't know what it does if it's not numerical data). But you can track things like how much sleep you got, how much coffee you drank, how much you weigh, your mood, anything. Like so:

COMPUTER: Husband's Mac
SLEEP: 10 hours
TODO: dishes, tidy living room, scoop catboxes

I'm pretty excited about it; 750 words a day for a year is 273,750--nearly twice my goal this year. Oh, and did I mention that they give you merit badges for writing in streaks? Right now I'm an Egg; I'll get to Turkey if I write for 3 days in a row, and Penguin for 5, and Flamingo for 10, all the way up to The Pegasus at 365 and The Space Bird at 500. There are also badges for other things--typing quickly, finishing with no distractions, winning a monthly challenge, writing in the morning, writing at night, and writing 50,000 words in a month (that one's called the NaNo :D) no matter what month. Anyway, this is me recommending the site; it provides a nice incentive to get your words flowing every day. And for me, once I start writing, I often write a lot more than whatever my goal is that day.
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Well... I don't have my spreadsheet with me (my computer crashed a few days ago; I think my data is all fine, but I just can't access it right now), but I think I wrote about 5000 words in January? Yeah, I've been really bad about it. I'm about 10,000 words behind as of the last time I was able to check.

But it's still early in the year! The biggest thing is to actually sit down and Do It. It's harder since I don't have my own computer, and therefore I have no access to any of my files... but maybe not having access for now is a good thing. I did intend to start from the ground up with Zombie Boyfriend this year, after all.

Talking about ZB )

On the other hand, I've meant to start work on Kendra's Ghost and the crossdressing prince stories for a while now. Kendra was really solid in my head when I first thought of her, but I'm less excited about that story than I am excited just to have a story to write. As for Crossdressing Prince... I'd really like to make that a masterpiece, and I think I should work on the stories that can't sell first (because they will, naturally, not be as good). So... Zombie Boyfriend kind of has to come first.

As for editing Loved and Lost... I don't think I will. I might reprise that story at some point, but it's a fantasy story where the magic is an afterthought. I love Garth and Adison Quinn and Anne and I don't want them to never have a real story to be in... but that's just not the right story.

Now... I think it's time to stop writing about writing, and start doing some actual writing. If I get my docs back, I'll post an excerpt of something I did in January. If not, then I'll see you on the other side of February.

This year

Jan. 12th, 2012 02:21 am
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Last year I did two things I've never done before: I completed a story, and I won NaNoWriMo. This year, I found out about a NNWM-like challenge that takes place over the course of a whole year. As I understand it, the rules are essentially the same, except you don't have to only work on one project, and if you started a project before the year, anything new you add still counts. I arrived too late to actually sign up (you have to get in BEFORE the 1st, which I think is unfair and stupid, BUT HEY THAT'S JUST ME APPARENTLY) but I still like the idea and I'm doing it anyway. I'm behind schedule (I wrote NOTHING for the first eight days of the year) but I'm catching up (I wrote over a thousand words today). I'm hoping that this goal will spur me to write in the same way NNWM does, but with a lower per-day target wordcount (411, to reack 150k) it will be less stressful and cause less burnout than NNWM. I'll still do NNWM, of course!

Currently, I've written about a hundred words for a round robin going on among some of my friends at Millers Hollow, a few hundred (five, maybe seven) of roleplay beginnings I might end up playing with my wife, and a few hundred of NecRomance, which I'm hoping to make into my primary project for the year. I intend for either Crossdressing Prince or Kendra's Ghost to become my NNWM project.

Basically, this is my personal declaration: 150k words this year!
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As you can see, I didn't.

But I did win this year, for the first time ever! According to the NaNo website, I finished with 50,006 words. (According to Word, I finished with 50,113; I had to write the extra hundred words so the NaNo counter would validate me. So this year I got to win twice!) I hammered out the last five thousand words on the 29th, with my second-largest single-day output (compared to 7.5k on day 2). My smallest single-day outputs not counting zeros were 31, 990, and 1676. I wrote on 16 out of the possible 30 days, meaning my numbers were 0 on 14 days. This tells me that I could have written almost 100k words this month, if there had been that many words in my story!

No, I did not finish the story. I forced word after word from my brain into the document for two hours after I should have stopped for the day, because there were only 2.5k left... only 1500 left.... less than a thousand words left, I can DO that... only 150 left... and oh god, that last 150 took way longer than they should have. By the end, I hated my story, my characters, and my writing... but I'm putting it away for a few months, and when I come back, I'm sure I'll love them even more.

I think I may put Quinn into other stories, just as a guy; I am pretty much in love with him. I guess he's a bit of a hipster? ...Nope, according to the Wikipedia article, he's not a hipster. He wears T-shirts and vests, sometimes with jeans and sometimes with slacks, and when he wants to be formal he'll use a button-down and tie instead. But I always picture him in a black vest, whit T-shirt, jeans, and maybe Converse. In cooler weather he may layer a long sleeve shirt under his tee. He's pretty tall and skinny, cares too much (for his own good) about every social issue there has ever been and spreads himself too thin trying to save everyone. He sees as much good in people as he can (which doesn't mean he likes everybody, not by a long shot). He's, so far, a pretty flat character, but I think he needs to be a main character and then he'll blossom and develop. He doesn't have enough flaws. (I'll mention that a lot of the emotional vibe I get off this character is a feeling: several layers of clothes over a hard, skinny, flat chest, and how it would feel to run one's hands over it.)

Anyway, the point is, I win, and I love Quinn, and now I have other stories to write! I want to rework Zombie Boyfriend / NecRomance / whatever it's called, and I had a dream this morning in my 6:30-10am sleep (I get up at 5:50 to get the husband's lunch together, warm up the car, and drive him to work, and then I go back to sleep) about a ghost named Kendra, and that is developing with basically no effort from me into an awesome mystery story.

On that note, I think I'm going to lock down all of the posts on this journal that actually have story in them, for two reasons: no one reads me anyway (if you ask, I will certainly grant you access!), and publishers don't want anything that's been made public already--but locked is fine. I don't know if NecRomance or this months' NaNo (tentatively called Loved and Lost) will ever be good enough to publish, but I want to try anyway, and so I'm locking them down.

Anyway, thanks for a great month to [personal profile] ladyseishou, Drakey, Moony, and estallidos! Not to mention my cats, for sabotaging me at every possible turn; my non-Wrimo friends Juneloves, Pel, and Cousin, for eating my Thanksgiving weekend and my Thanksgiving food; and of course the husband, just for being my husband.
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I haven't posted in 9 days or 11k words... Oops. I have been writing! I just haven't been actually getting things out there yet. I'll try and post some (probably not all) of what I've written, sometime today or tomorrow probably.
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Off to a good start! Beat the wordcount goal. Considering that I've never actually started on time, let alone ahead, I think I'm doing well! Of course, I'm seriously considering abandoning this "idea" in favor of rewriting Adventures.

So far I've learned that the fairy's name is Natalie, the main character is a thirty-five year old boy, his mother is 150 and his father is in his fifties or sixties--the math is in there somewhere. Dad does the cooking, while Mom teaches him how to use weapons behind Dad's back. Dad and the main character both have had their names mentioned, but since I basically strung together nonsense letters I don't remember them. Mother has a brother who is an adventurer named Uncle Arthur, and magic is done when elves and fairies work together. There was a war between humans and elves sometime before the main character was born but after his father was born. The main character's dearest ambition is currently to be a badass adventurer like Uncle Arthur, but mostly he does a lot of studying. Also helping out with whatever Dad does for a living, which is pretty menial. Mom is an enigma so far. I'm seeing some foreshadowing involving Uncle Arthur, but I can't decide what it's pointing towards. Five points for anyone who can point out an instance of deliberate wordcount padding! (The whole thing is wordcount padding, but still, there is some other padding going on too.)

But here's what I've got for today (2389 words):

Did you know? Magic is the opposite of entropy! )
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Rewrite Zombie Boyfriend
Write a Zombie Boyfriend sequel
Write a Zombie Boyfriend prequel
Do all three! Call it one story.

Rewrite a story I wrote as a child:
Whatever the werewolf story was, with the being burned alive in a hole in the ground
The one with the evil dad who was also abusive and stuff
Prophecies (note on that: had an idea recently involving Yume's betrayal in ii: rather than the silly stupid "you promised me you'd be okay", since she WAS okay, that's dumb. Perhaps she was captured sometime after the scene with the cooperative effort to get him across the bridge, convinced that he'd betrayed them somehow and therefore was convinced to betray the others herself. In the sense of two co conspirators who have commited a crime: the police say "We know you did, X confessed and ratted you out. now you have to confess and rat HIM out or else your sentence will be horrible!" when X did no such thing (and was probably told the same thing) and the case is based on circumstantial evidence + confessions tricked out of them.)

Do something entirely new:
A society of gender-neutral beings
A society of gender-swapping beings, swap usually based on environmental factors ie. how many females, how many males, food supply, etc. Perhaps one is designated to swap and it is supposed to be an honor but in reality it just sucks? If adequate food supply + too many females, some are chosen to swap male. if too many males, some are chosen to swap female. if not enough food, swaps are arranged to create an overbalance of one gender or the other, in which case swaps are chosen carefully: the smaller gender group should contain the better specimens since they are more likely on an individual basis to breed.
Both on the same planet? Or possibly, both on nearby planets?
Crossdressing Prince
Um, DUH: Swap all genders in crossdressing prince: MATRIARCHAL society, dress GIRLS as BOYS, PRINCESS survives and dresses as her BROTHER in order to blend in!
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Working Title: Zombie Boyfriend )

I should start thinking about this year's NaNo instead of obsessing about last year's! I'll gather up all my original ideas, I suppose, and see what I have worth making something out of.
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only a few words. But it's about how I'm feeling now and I want to get them out there.

This is a snippet of Mary-Cate's backstory, from when she was with James and Adison. I've actually got nearly three pages typed, but for now just these 64 words:

Mackin' )
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-Escape from prison is not necessary
-Court battle (lawyer soliloquys)
-Contact lawyers from inside prison? Or escape, contact them outside?
-How to pay the lawyer?
-Guantanamo Bay
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Tomorrow is my self-imposed deadline and I haven't written any new words, leaving me at the end of my NaNo experience at just over 20,000 words.

This is okay with me.

I didn't think it would be, when I started. I was in a terrible writing slump, one that's lasted at least a year, and it was exacerbated by fests and challenges that I never finished. I firmly believed that I couldn't finish anything, hoped that finishing NaNo would convince me I could, and was convinced that failing to finish my NaNo would essentially kill any writer left in me--if there was any writer in me at all, which I was beginning to doubt.

There is a writer in me. I know because I took a premise I didn't like, characters I knew next to nothing about, and absolutely zero motivation, and turned it into 20,000 words. Twenty fucking thousand. And none of them are all that great and some of them are terrible, and admittedly they aren't worth reading. But they are worth finishing, and worth turning into something worth reading.

It has been so damn long since I felt this way about anything.

This is twenty thousand words I never would have written without NaNo. This is me digging through all my old folders, looking for new things to write and old things to finish. This is the end of that goddamned slump. This is hopefully the beginning of a new daily writing ritual. This is a good thing.

So I didn't finish. That's okay. I will. I'll finish Zombie Boyfriend and then I'll write something else, and then I'll keep writing.

One thing's for sure; I will be doing NaNo every year from here on out.
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-Any separate section not directly connected to any other particular section gets its own .doc (Beginning has its own .doc because it's not connected to Relapse, since there's stuff between them I haven't written yet).

-Each word in each .doc goes into the Masterdoc. Each word in the Masterdoc is in another .doc somewhere.

-Violet indicates plans, summary or scenes I want to write.

-Sea green indicates something I wrote "today."

-Lavender indicates an unfinished scene that I didn't write "today."


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