Feb. 6th, 2012

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Well... I don't have my spreadsheet with me (my computer crashed a few days ago; I think my data is all fine, but I just can't access it right now), but I think I wrote about 5000 words in January? Yeah, I've been really bad about it. I'm about 10,000 words behind as of the last time I was able to check.

But it's still early in the year! The biggest thing is to actually sit down and Do It. It's harder since I don't have my own computer, and therefore I have no access to any of my files... but maybe not having access for now is a good thing. I did intend to start from the ground up with Zombie Boyfriend this year, after all.

Talking about ZB )

On the other hand, I've meant to start work on Kendra's Ghost and the crossdressing prince stories for a while now. Kendra was really solid in my head when I first thought of her, but I'm less excited about that story than I am excited just to have a story to write. As for Crossdressing Prince... I'd really like to make that a masterpiece, and I think I should work on the stories that can't sell first (because they will, naturally, not be as good). So... Zombie Boyfriend kind of has to come first.

As for editing Loved and Lost... I don't think I will. I might reprise that story at some point, but it's a fantasy story where the magic is an afterthought. I love Garth and Adison Quinn and Anne and I don't want them to never have a real story to be in... but that's just not the right story.

Now... I think it's time to stop writing about writing, and start doing some actual writing. If I get my docs back, I'll post an excerpt of something I did in January. If not, then I'll see you on the other side of February.


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