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Off to a good start! Beat the wordcount goal. Considering that I've never actually started on time, let alone ahead, I think I'm doing well! Of course, I'm seriously considering abandoning this "idea" in favor of rewriting Adventures.

So far I've learned that the fairy's name is Natalie, the main character is a thirty-five year old boy, his mother is 150 and his father is in his fifties or sixties--the math is in there somewhere. Dad does the cooking, while Mom teaches him how to use weapons behind Dad's back. Dad and the main character both have had their names mentioned, but since I basically strung together nonsense letters I don't remember them. Mother has a brother who is an adventurer named Uncle Arthur, and magic is done when elves and fairies work together. There was a war between humans and elves sometime before the main character was born but after his father was born. The main character's dearest ambition is currently to be a badass adventurer like Uncle Arthur, but mostly he does a lot of studying. Also helping out with whatever Dad does for a living, which is pretty menial. Mom is an enigma so far. I'm seeing some foreshadowing involving Uncle Arthur, but I can't decide what it's pointing towards. Five points for anyone who can point out an instance of deliberate wordcount padding! (The whole thing is wordcount padding, but still, there is some other padding going on too.)

But here's what I've got for today (2389 words):

Did you know? Magic is the opposite of entropy! )


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