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163 more words, this time some of Ben's backstory--there'll be more of this, I'm sure. (Mostly because there is some plot and conflict and stuff here.)

The first case—though later no one was able to say exactly who was first—was the case of a teenage boy, sixteen years old. His mother noticed the symptoms first, saying over dinner on a Tuesday that he looked rather flushed and then, pressing her palm to his forehead, that he was quite warm and should consider not going to school tomorrow.

He insisted he would, brushed her hand away and finished eating in stony silence, save for the occasional sniffle or cough. When he climbed the stairs to his bedroom, however, his muscles ached so badly that he hardly made it into his bed.

His little sister brought him juice that evening, noticed the pallor of his face and the sweat in his brow and ran to fetch their mother, who diagnosed him with the flu and told him there was no way he was going to school for the next week at least, in case it was the bovine flu.

Also, a sketch of Ben!

Ben Thomas sketch

I KNOW I KNOW. Wasting my creativity on art when I could be catching up! But I'm pretty proud of that sketch, despite its many flaws.


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