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Working Title: Zombie Boyfriend )

I should start thinking about this year's NaNo instead of obsessing about last year's! I'll gather up all my original ideas, I suppose, and see what I have worth making something out of.
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-Escape from prison is not necessary
-Court battle (lawyer soliloquys)
-Contact lawyers from inside prison? Or escape, contact them outside?
-How to pay the lawyer?
-Guantanamo Bay
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I did nothing. :(

Tomorrow I have a job interveiw and I am so stressed I'm crying. Surely NaNo can forgive me in light of that information, right?

I'm gonna go rewrite my cover letter so it talks about the hospital to which I am actually applying, and not the one that rejected me four months ago, and then see if I can't get six hours before I have to leave.
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This is [personal profile] lap_otter's NaNoWriMo journal, on which she will post her daily progress, if any. Probably none.

You will notice it was created on November 8th. That's because this year, NaNo is a personal challenge and I'm starting nine days late, and giving myself nine days extra. It will start tomorrow and end December 9th.

Tonight, I try and figure out what the hell I'm writing.


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