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Jan. 12th, 2012 02:21 am
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Last year I did two things I've never done before: I completed a story, and I won NaNoWriMo. This year, I found out about a NNWM-like challenge that takes place over the course of a whole year. As I understand it, the rules are essentially the same, except you don't have to only work on one project, and if you started a project before the year, anything new you add still counts. I arrived too late to actually sign up (you have to get in BEFORE the 1st, which I think is unfair and stupid, BUT HEY THAT'S JUST ME APPARENTLY) but I still like the idea and I'm doing it anyway. I'm behind schedule (I wrote NOTHING for the first eight days of the year) but I'm catching up (I wrote over a thousand words today). I'm hoping that this goal will spur me to write in the same way NNWM does, but with a lower per-day target wordcount (411, to reack 150k) it will be less stressful and cause less burnout than NNWM. I'll still do NNWM, of course!

Currently, I've written about a hundred words for a round robin going on among some of my friends at Millers Hollow, a few hundred (five, maybe seven) of roleplay beginnings I might end up playing with my wife, and a few hundred of NecRomance, which I'm hoping to make into my primary project for the year. I intend for either Crossdressing Prince or Kendra's Ghost to become my NNWM project.

Basically, this is my personal declaration: 150k words this year!
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Rewrite Zombie Boyfriend
Write a Zombie Boyfriend sequel
Write a Zombie Boyfriend prequel
Do all three! Call it one story.

Rewrite a story I wrote as a child:
Whatever the werewolf story was, with the being burned alive in a hole in the ground
The one with the evil dad who was also abusive and stuff
Prophecies (note on that: had an idea recently involving Yume's betrayal in ii: rather than the silly stupid "you promised me you'd be okay", since she WAS okay, that's dumb. Perhaps she was captured sometime after the scene with the cooperative effort to get him across the bridge, convinced that he'd betrayed them somehow and therefore was convinced to betray the others herself. In the sense of two co conspirators who have commited a crime: the police say "We know you did, X confessed and ratted you out. now you have to confess and rat HIM out or else your sentence will be horrible!" when X did no such thing (and was probably told the same thing) and the case is based on circumstantial evidence + confessions tricked out of them.)

Do something entirely new:
A society of gender-neutral beings
A society of gender-swapping beings, swap usually based on environmental factors ie. how many females, how many males, food supply, etc. Perhaps one is designated to swap and it is supposed to be an honor but in reality it just sucks? If adequate food supply + too many females, some are chosen to swap male. if too many males, some are chosen to swap female. if not enough food, swaps are arranged to create an overbalance of one gender or the other, in which case swaps are chosen carefully: the smaller gender group should contain the better specimens since they are more likely on an individual basis to breed.
Both on the same planet? Or possibly, both on nearby planets?
Crossdressing Prince
Um, DUH: Swap all genders in crossdressing prince: MATRIARCHAL society, dress GIRLS as BOYS, PRINCESS survives and dresses as her BROTHER in order to blend in!


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