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Working Title: Zombie Boyfriend )

I should start thinking about this year's NaNo instead of obsessing about last year's! I'll gather up all my original ideas, I suppose, and see what I have worth making something out of.
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only a few words. But it's about how I'm feeling now and I want to get them out there.

This is a snippet of Mary-Cate's backstory, from when she was with James and Adison. I've actually got nearly three pages typed, but for now just these 64 words:

Mackin' )
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-Escape from prison is not necessary
-Court battle (lawyer soliloquys)
-Contact lawyers from inside prison? Or escape, contact them outside?
-How to pay the lawyer?
-Guantanamo Bay
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Tomorrow is my self-imposed deadline and I haven't written any new words, leaving me at the end of my NaNo experience at just over 20,000 words.

This is okay with me.

I didn't think it would be, when I started. I was in a terrible writing slump, one that's lasted at least a year, and it was exacerbated by fests and challenges that I never finished. I firmly believed that I couldn't finish anything, hoped that finishing NaNo would convince me I could, and was convinced that failing to finish my NaNo would essentially kill any writer left in me--if there was any writer in me at all, which I was beginning to doubt.

There is a writer in me. I know because I took a premise I didn't like, characters I knew next to nothing about, and absolutely zero motivation, and turned it into 20,000 words. Twenty fucking thousand. And none of them are all that great and some of them are terrible, and admittedly they aren't worth reading. But they are worth finishing, and worth turning into something worth reading.

It has been so damn long since I felt this way about anything.

This is twenty thousand words I never would have written without NaNo. This is me digging through all my old folders, looking for new things to write and old things to finish. This is the end of that goddamned slump. This is hopefully the beginning of a new daily writing ritual. This is a good thing.

So I didn't finish. That's okay. I will. I'll finish Zombie Boyfriend and then I'll write something else, and then I'll keep writing.

One thing's for sure; I will be doing NaNo every year from here on out.
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-Any separate section not directly connected to any other particular section gets its own .doc (Beginning has its own .doc because it's not connected to Relapse, since there's stuff between them I haven't written yet).

-Each word in each .doc goes into the Masterdoc. Each word in the Masterdoc is in another .doc somewhere.

-Violet indicates plans, summary or scenes I want to write.

-Sea green indicates something I wrote "today."

-Lavender indicates an unfinished scene that I didn't write "today."
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New words: 0
Words today: 0
Total words: 5083
Day Four goal: 8335 (unmet)
Day Eleven goal: 20,004 (unmet)

I woke up late, met a friend at his house for a scheduled hanging-out, and ended up not going home until five AM. Brilliant fun and I don't regret it, but it means I have three thousand words at least to write today. I never really caught up from my interveiw day either.
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I did nothing. :(

Tomorrow I have a job interveiw and I am so stressed I'm crying. Surely NaNo can forgive me in light of that information, right?

I'm gonna go rewrite my cover letter so it talks about the hospital to which I am actually applying, and not the one that rejected me four months ago, and then see if I can't get six hours before I have to leave.
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163 more words, this time some of Ben's backstory--there'll be more of this, I'm sure. (Mostly because there is some plot and conflict and stuff here.)

How it all began )

Also, a sketch of Ben!
Ben Thomas )

I KNOW I KNOW. Wasting my creativity on art when I could be catching up! But I'm pretty proud of that sketch, despite its many flaws.
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830 words, likely to be discarded later--no one is who or how they should be.

Miss Mac )
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This is [personal profile] lap_otter's NaNoWriMo journal, on which she will post her daily progress, if any. Probably none.

You will notice it was created on November 8th. That's because this year, NaNo is a personal challenge and I'm starting nine days late, and giving myself nine days extra. It will start tomorrow and end December 9th.

Tonight, I try and figure out what the hell I'm writing.
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