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Working Title: Zombie Boyfriend aka NecRomance
Genre(s): Horror? Supernatural? Young Adult? Romance?
Important Characters:
Benjamin Thomas
Ben is a pretty normal eighteen-year-old almost-not-a-high-school-student-anymore hoping to go to college to become an architect when It happens. He turns into a raging, murderous zombie. Thanks to a quick military quarantine and even quicker research (and, frankly, genetic engineers from Al Quaeda who don't really know what they're doing), a cure is found rather quickly and most of the zombies are cured. Some, some of the earlier ones, do die of the sickness. (They do not rise again; "zombie" is innacurate slang. When people die, they are dead; it is before they die that you want to be worried.) Some die of being killed by those not infected, since, you know, the infected are trying to kill the uninfected. Many, many more people die of zombie attack. Many people are killed by infected members of their own families. Unfortunately, the infected (those without the memory centers of their brains damaged in the fighting, that is) remember clearly every attack they made, every life they took. Many of those lives were their loved ones, the people they were with when the illness entered its final stages.

Regina Thomas
Ben's baby sister of about eight. She, as well as their parents, were killed early on by Ben.

Mary-Cate MacKinnon
A student of sixteen at Hartwood Academy, a high-end private boarding school which opened its empty wing (census is down since the economy's gone to hell) to refugees as a charitable act (good publicity, and they can claim most of the cost on their taxes). She is in a pre-nursing program, and volunteers to help triage the incoming refugees and help them get settled in. They will stay until the area is sure to be decontaminated and all the corpses cleared away and dealt with--there is little property damage, since the infected weren't interested in anything but non-infected. This was originally going to be Mary-Cate's story, but then I realized that that would be ridiculous and it clearly needed to be told from Ben's point of veiw.

Ashley MacCullen
Another student at Hartwood, Mary-Cate's best friend, and like, seriously, if she like, hears another fucking Mary-Kate and Ashley joke she is, like, going to strangle someone! Ashley wants to be a singer, and with her blonde hair, blue eyes, willowy body, and famous father, it won't be too difficult for her. She can't really sing--she's decent, but not spectacular--but why does that have to be an obstacle? She's smarter than you think she is, though; she's taking physics classes that would melt your brain.

Michael I Know He Has A Surname Somewhere
Yet another student at Hartwood Academy. A close friend of Mary-Cate's, though Ashley doesn't like him; his hands are always dirty. He wants to be an artist, and his favored medium is ceramics, though he also does sketches in charcoal and pencil, and plays around with a few different digital imaging programs. He's Ben's first friend besides Mary-Cate, and they eventually start dating.

James and Adison
are both seventeen, and James is graduating this year. They have been dating for years, ever since Mary-Cate broke the triad relationship they were in because she could see how much happier they were by themselves. They're still very close, and these two end up being invaluable to Ben as he negotiates the difficulties of a triad (because this story wasn't controversial enough, right? We need to add some unconventional relationships to our unconventional relationships.)

Eliza, Brad, and Jonny
Eliza lived in a trailer park with her drunken father, timid (read: beaten) mother, and her two younger sisters. Her father and youngest sister are unaccounted for, presumably dead (in reality she killed her father; he was infected and also she'd been dying to aim that pistol between his eyes since she was six), but she, her middle sister, and their mother managed to stay together, avoid being infected, and fight off those that were infected until they were rescued. Brad and Jonny were both infected; Brad survived, but Jonny is unaccounted for. The three of them were fellow seniors at Ben's high school, from wildly different social strata but inseperable friends. Eliza and Brad reconnect with Ben soon after the cure is administered, though they aren't being housed at Hartwood.

Hannah and Jacob and the Baker Street Irregulars
After a relapse, the government rounds up all the refugees who used to be infected and packs them into a concentration camp (more humane than those used for Japanese-Americans during WWII, but unpleasant, not least because nobody really wants to be there). There Ben meets Hannah and Jacob, a single teenage mother of nineteen and her three-year-old son. There are a lot of kids in the camp that have lost their parents, and since being rounded up have no guardians to take care of them and comfort them besides the camp guards, who are not particularly friendly. Ben and Hannah bond and bring the kids together; turns out Ben is a natural with kids, and keeping the children (who are dubbed the Baker Streed Irregulars, after the group of street urchins that occasionally assists the great Sherlock Holmes) entertained and not afraid fills time they would otherwise spend staring at their shoes.

A Brief Overview of Story (it can also be not-so-brief):
I think I mostly covered that in Characters, at least the setup. So! Zmobies are being housed in the empty wing of the school. They're all offered classes for free, since, you know, they're there anyway and all, might as well keep them entertained, and most of them are school-age anyway--the older or very much younger ones got sent elsewhere.

Ben eventually starts taking a few classes, two different math classes, a ceramics class (where he meets Michael), and a Classic Lit class he shares with Mary-Cate. He then gets back in contact with Eliza, who puts him in contact with Brad. He and Michael start dating. He then catches the flu... but then again, that was what he thought he had before he started murdering people left and right! He manages to warn people in time for them to be quarantined and notice to be sent out to the other places zombies are taking refuge in; there are no new casualties, there is one new cure, rapidly administered, and there are only fourteen relapse cases, out of hundreds of infected refugees. Even the biology of why there was a relapse means that there cannot be another relapse... but the government and the populace freak out and put all the zombies in concentration camps. And then...?

Things You're Excited About:
I actually just now while tying this decided that the triad relationship featured will be Ben/Hannah/Michael instead of Ben/Mary-Cate/Michael. MC just works better as a best friend, I think, and I couldn't decide who should take her place.

Things You're Nervous About:
THE ENDING. What happens? Is there a massive court battle wherein the refugees sue for their freedom, using expert testimony and terrifying cross-examination? Do a select number of zombies escape and launch a propaganda campaign that causes the populace to storm Washington, demanding their release? Does the second result in the first? Can I write that? (Probably not.) Okay, so what does happen?

I should start thinking about this year's NaNo instead of obsessing about last year's! I'll gather up all my original ideas, I suppose, and see what I have worth making something out of.


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