Feb. 8th, 2012

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750 Words is a neat site I found yesterday and used for the first time today. It basically challenges you to write, you guessed it, 750 words every day.

You write on the website, and it saves and counts as you go. It's totally private--no one sees what you write. I love how simple the interface is and the sorts of things it tracks--it looks at your words and decides how extroverted, happy, moody, etc. you are, and what things you're thinking about--death, religion, politics, etc. It knows what time you wrote, how many times you got distracted (though I don't understand that--what counts as a distraction?), how long it took you and exactly how many words you wrote in each minute. You can also have it track your own metadata; it scans your writing for anything on its own line, in all caps, followed by a colon, and tracks that on a graph. (I don't know what it does if it's not numerical data). But you can track things like how much sleep you got, how much coffee you drank, how much you weigh, your mood, anything. Like so:

COMPUTER: Husband's Mac
SLEEP: 10 hours
TODO: dishes, tidy living room, scoop catboxes

I'm pretty excited about it; 750 words a day for a year is 273,750--nearly twice my goal this year. Oh, and did I mention that they give you merit badges for writing in streaks? Right now I'm an Egg; I'll get to Turkey if I write for 3 days in a row, and Penguin for 5, and Flamingo for 10, all the way up to The Pegasus at 365 and The Space Bird at 500. There are also badges for other things--typing quickly, finishing with no distractions, winning a monthly challenge, writing in the morning, writing at night, and writing 50,000 words in a month (that one's called the NaNo :D) no matter what month. Anyway, this is me recommending the site; it provides a nice incentive to get your words flowing every day. And for me, once I start writing, I often write a lot more than whatever my goal is that day.


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