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Day 1 total of 1775, which puts me well on track for 50k, and a bit behind if I want to make 75k.

My outline is written on 50 notecards, which means that if I get 1000 or 1500 words/card, I'll be making my goals. Got exactly one card done today, and feeling good abut it.

And yes, I did stop in the middle of a sentence. I was word-warring, and time was called, and then I had to finish some other stuff. I was reeeeally busy today, so that's why I didn't get as much done as I'd have liked. Went shopping, talked to the homeowner's association about an Issue, bought uniform pieces for my man, investigated rock climbing (five bucks an hour! fuck yes!), baked and frosted a cake, cleaned the stove, and still had time to NaNo!

Drakey's kicking my ass with over 3k as of this morning O.O and I have no idea yet how Mave or Darth are doing, or if Moony is playing at all. But that's okay, because I have #antidiogenes and #innercircle to word war with.

The first NaNo #antidiogenes weekend is tomorrow ^-^


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