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I beat it sometime in July or... well, I dunno, maybe more recently than that. I had about 99k when I stopped counting in June, and then I wrote 11k and then 8k and then 35k and then 4k and then 5k, which puts me at like 158k for the year, and that's not even counting a bunch of little stuff. So definitely gonna keep better track next year, and also up the goal. Still got 50k of NaNo to do!

OHMIGOD GUYS I LOVE IT. Which isn't writing-related so I shouldn't squee. But the fandom is! I've gotten an AO3 account and posted two PWPs, a gratuitous h/c fic, and a 221b. One even got translated into Chinese! I was shocked and thrilled and pleased!

Right now I have two major projects. The first is my NaNo, which I'll tell you about in a minute. The other is a casefic, a first-time fic, a hurt/comfort fic, and is built around my very favorite trope, Not Talking. That's a full 35k draft, and I hope to have a beta for it soon.

And one minor project, which is a series of kinky sub!Sherlock dom!John shorts.

Breaking my personal rule of no fanfic during NNWM this year, because I've readjusted my priorities and it turns out that fanfiction is just as valid as original fiction, WHO KNEW. Anyway I'm doing a retelling of Paper Towns with Sherlock as Margo. The story is John's and the journey is John's, but in the end he winds up exactly where he started. It's a post-Reichenbach where instead of a happy reunion, John tracks Sherlock down and then doesn't bring him back or go with him, so he goes back to London alone and greiveng and not knowing if he'll ever see Sherlock again, What changes is that he now sees Sherlock as human, as someone who not only CAN love, but DOES. He no longer sees him as a superhuman/inhuman unfeeling thinking machine.

Oh, John. <3 So much angst headed your way.

So as usual I'll be posting my daily words here under access-lock, which I will open to anyone who's interested. Are you excited? I'm excited!


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